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how to make teddy bear with fondant, cake decoration with fondant, easy teddy bear with fondant, steps to make teddy bear with fondant

Teddy Bear with Fondant (Cake Decoration)


how to make teddy bear with fondant, cake decoration with fondant, easy teddy bear with fondant, steps to make teddy bear with fondant

Teddy Bear with Fondant

April is a very special month for me. All our special occasions fall in this month. On 15th April it was our 4th Wedding Anniversary, on 16th April our Little One turned 2 and one more special event for this Month Vimmys Recipe World turned 1. The above cake is the one which I made for our Little Ones Birthday. Thank God for all the blessings you have given me. My Family the Best Gift God have given me. Also I take this occasion to thanks all my Readers who made Vimmys Recipe World where it is today. Its my Readers who have always motivated to me build the blog. Also I thank my dearest husband for all the support he had given me for blog. Once again Thanks a lot every one for all your Support & Blessings!!!!!


Teddy Bear with Fondant

Before I start the method, just a few basics. Fondant is used for cake decoration. It is used to cover cakes, modeling, to make celebration cakes etc. Ready to be rolled fondant is available at shops. Basic color is white. Also it comes in variety of colors. Else you can buy white color and add color to it to get fondant with color of your choice. It can be made it at home also, but I always buy it from shop. There are tools available to do modeling of fondant. Teddy bear is the easiest to make, so I started with it for the cake decoration 🙂



  • Ready to roll Fondant  white – 300 g
  • Fondant black – a pinch
  • Food color Blue
  • Icing Sugar – For dusting
  • Edible Glue












  • Take a small portion of the white fondant. Add little blue color into it.
  • Start kneading it so that the color becomes even. It will first have a marble effect, keep kneading it so that the color finally becomes even throughout.













  • Take the white fondant, knead it well so that it becomes soft and make it into 4 balls.
  • First one largest in size which will be the body. The second and third one little smaller than the first one which will be the head and legs and the last one, little more smaller which will be the hands.










  • Take the first one and roll it slightly so that it gets the shape as shown above.
  • Keep your thumb and index figure together and press the both the ends of the fondant (Just like you are about to pinch both ends). Allow it to set so that it fondant hardens. Insert a tooth pick into it so as to put the head portion.
  • Take the second ball of fondant and roll it well. Diagonally cut in the middle. This will become the 2 legs. Gently bend the ends of  both portion so that it becomes the feet. Apply little glue and fix it to the body.










  • Take the third ball of fondant and insert it to the tooth pick.
  • Repeat the same method of legs to make hands and fix it to the body.










  • Take a small portion of blue fondant and make it to  shape as shown and fix it to the head portion.










  • With black fondant make eyes and again little white for the nose. Take very small portion of white and blue fondant and make ears.
  • Also take little blue fondant and fix it to the feet, hands and body. Now use the stitch tool to get markings on the feet, body and face. You can use your imagination to decorate your teddy bear.





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2 thoughts on “Teddy Bear with Fondant (Cake Decoration)

  1. Vimmy! This is awesome. This cake looks just like one at a pastry shop! Your son is quite lucky to get custom made cakes! 🙂
    And good to see your blog too! Congrats on turning one. Wish you many more happy years of cooking and blogging!

    • Thanks a lot Jean!!!!! Just tried it with what ever little i knew about cake decoration. Felt very happy when all told it came out good. Also thanks a lot for all the good wishes 🙂


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