Pressure Cooker Cake

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Chocolate Cake

Cakes can be made without ovens. Here it is the method for preparing cakes using pressure cooker. Cakes come out from pressure cooker are soft and delicious.



We can make cake in pressure cooker using any of the cake recipes. Here I tried easy chocolate wheat cake recipe. I used half the amount of all ingredients listed in the above recipe. It is better to use half the quantity, because it is hard to put large cake pans inside the cooker.



You can try pressure cooker cake using any of the cake recipes like Easy strawberry sponge cake, Eggless chocolate wheat cake.


Method: (With Step-by-step pics)

Take 5 litre or more capacity pressure cooker. Remove the gasket (rubber ring/washer) as well as whistle.


Place a stand like shown in figure inside the cooker. As a substitute, you can use steel ring or thick steel or aluminium plate. The purpose is to avoid close contact of the cake pan with flame. Pre-heat cooker along with stand for 7 minutes in low medium flame. Do not add water.


Use steel or aluminium vessel as the baking tray. Grease it with oil and place parchment paper inside it. Then pour the cake batter into it. (Easy chocolate wheat cake)


Place it inside the cooker. As the cooker is pre-heated, be careful while placing the cake pan.


Cover it with lid without putting whistle and gasket. put it on low flame. It will take an average 40 minutes for cooking. It depends on the size of the cake pan, pressure cooker and quantity of batter. Be alert from 35 minutes onwards. Use pappadam stick or clean stick of a broom and put it inside cooker through whistle hole and check whether it comes back clean. (else you can open the lid and check using toothpick or back side of a spoon). Cook until it is done.


Open the lid.


Take the cake pan outside of the cooker and allow it to cool. Then remove it from the pan and let it cool completely.  It will taste better on the next day.


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