Kappa Puzhunghiyathu/Boiled Tapioca Recipe

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Kappa Puzhunghiyathu

Tapioca is, of course, a staple food of keralites. We can make a variety of dishes using tapioca. Kappa Puzhunghiyathu/Chenda Kappa is the most simplest among all tapioca dishes. This is an easy recipe for making Kerala style traditional Chenda kappa.


Kappa Puzhunghiyathu/Chenda Kappa Recipe


  • Tapioca/Kappa – 1 kg
  • Salt
  • Water



Method: (With step by step pics)

Take tapioca. Cut it into about 2 – 3 inch pieces.


Peel off its skin. Wash it thoroughly and put it in water itself.


Then cut each piece lengthwise into 2. Pour enough water to it so that its level should be above the level of tapioca pieces. Add salt to it.


Put it for boiling on medium flame. When the water starts boiling, put on low flame and cover it with lid.


Cook it until it becomes soft. Don’t go for too much softness because it may loose its shape. (It took 15 minutes for me and the time may vary depends on the nature of tapioca). After cooking, drain off the excess water.


Serve hot with molak chammanthi or nadan meen curry.


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